LHHH Stars Apryl Jones And Lil Fizz Go Public And The Internet Has A Lot To Say

LHHH Stars Apryl Jones And Lil Fizz Go Public And The Internet Has A Lot To Say
Credit: Source: Hip Hop DX

After consistently denying that they were in a relationship, Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz have officially gone public about their romance. The couple can't get enough of posting each other on social media while the internet has a lot to say about it.

There have been rumors that the reality stars were seeing each other for over a year now. Originally, the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood personalities insisted that they were both single but played coy when asked about their 'close friendship.'

Fizz's baby mama, Moniece Slaughter, exposed the pair for living together after she explained to followers that she constantly feels disrespected by Fizz and Apryl who she once called a friend.

Usually, when two good looking single people get together it's not a big deal. However, this situation is a lot different considering that Fizz is in a musical group with Omarion -- Apryl's baby daddy.

The friends have known each other since they were teens in B2K and the singer and Jones got together while B2K was on a reunion tour.

Apryl and Fizz shared separate photos on Instagram of them in a cozy position.

The photos were reposted by blogs and social media commentators immediately let their thoughts be known in the comment section of the Shade Room.

'Over this . It’s the way they went about it somethings are better left private . Smh . I give it 5 months MAX .'

'She for the team bro throw her back to the streets....on 2nd thought both of you for the streets....yall perfect for each other!'

'So you been waiting on your best friend girl'

'Looks like they graduated clown college with honors'

'Grimey this mean you been ploting on your mans girl/kidsmother the whole time... I’m never singing your Adlibs again'

Some defended the couple saying that if Omarion didn't care -- no one else should.

Speaking of O, he has been completely silent about this entire situation.


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