Fans Notice Something Unusual About Ariana Grande In Rain On Me, Stuck With U Videos With Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber

Fans Notice Something Unusual About Ariana Grande In Rain On Me, Stuck With U Videos With Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Fans have noticed something unusual about Ariana Grande in her latest videos and they are sounding off. First, in the early part of May, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber collaborated on the fundraising song "Stuck With U" and fans immediately noticed something different in Ariana's appearance. Before and after photos of the "7 Rings" singer are going viral and people continue to point out why they believe Ariana Grande had plastic surgery. Of most immediate concern is the size of Ariana Grande's lips. Fans believe that Ariana has gone overboard with too many lip fillers and they aren't being quiet about it. When Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande released the "Stuck With U Video" people began sounding off about the size of Ariana's lips.

The issue was addressed in the upcoming June 1, 2020, issue of Star where the publication spoke to plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin who weighed in on the situation.

Speaking to the outlet, Dr. Rivkin stated the following.

"Her lips look good, but a little large for her face. You can tell she's had lip augmentation because her upper lip is a bit bigger than her lower lip."

Many celebrities who use lip fillers have run into problems where their top lip becomes noticeably larger than the bottom. The look throws off the proportions of the face. Actress Lisa Rinna suffered from this for many years and then ultimately was able to have her lips fixed.

You may see the video featuring Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande where it is believed that her lips have been altered below.

You may see a video discussing Ariana Grande's facial transformation below as many people suspect that Ariana has gone under the knife and has altered more than just her lips.

Though some celebrities actually draw their lip liner outside their natural lip liner to create the appearance of fuller lips (this is one of Kylie Jenner's tricks ) it doesn't seem that Ariana is using cosmetics to enhance her lip size but had fillers done.

Star spoke to dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre, who also agreed with Dr. Rivkin that Ariana was using lip fillers for her plumper pout.

"It's obvious she's had lip fillers. She's beautiful, but she'd look better if the upper lip were a bit smaller."

You may see Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga in their new top-trending video "Rain On Me" below.

What do you think about Ariana Grande's lips? Do you notice the change? Do you think she stopped at lip fillers or do you think she's had plastic surgery as well?

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