Lana Del Ray Stands By Her Comments Regarding Women In The Music Industry

Lana Del Ray Stands By Her Comments Regarding Women In The Music Industry
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Lana Del Ray stirred up a storm in the media headlines earlier this week when she shared her feelings regarding the criticism she has received for her lyrics over the last few years.

On the 21st of Thursday, Lana said she felt as if she and other women such as herself in the music industry were unfairly targeted by critics who say she "glamourizes abuse." Lana also pointed to a number of other artists who, in her view, have done essentially the same thing but are rarely treated the same way.

Del Ray used a number of examples, many of which were women of color. Subsequently, people on the internet accused her of being racist, simply because the other women she used to prove her point were almost entirely Black or Hispanic.

In other words, it appeared as though Lana Del Ray was merely pointing out a double standard among certain artists, where some can be more "sexually liberated" and receive very little criticism while others can't do the same thing.

Lana, today, addressed the criticism again and refused to back down from the online haters. The singer-songwriter also said that she was merely standing up for the more "delicate and often dismissed, softer female personality."

Moreover, Lana Del Ray commented on the state of the modern political landscape, one that's increasingly politically polarized, in addition to the mainstream media which is mostly about creating as dramatic headlines as possible.

Lana also said, that the fact mainstream media and commenters are turning it into a race issue, says a lot more about them than it does about her. Thus far, people online have been looking at the "issue" with a mixed perspective.

Some of the more sensitive have argued that Lana Del Ray is a racist, while others say she is not, and then a whole other batch of people have wondered out loud if anyone even cares about the supposed controversy. One social media user asked, "I'm very confused about this feud, what is it even about at this point?"


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