Gucci Mane Pokes Fun At His Old Overweight Self - 'I Was Fat'

Gucci Mane Pokes Fun At His Old Overweight Self - 'I Was Fat'
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Gucci Mane, the rapper, managed to make dramatic changes to his life over the last decade. Hot New Hip Hop explained today that Gucci Mane, at one point in his career, didn't care at all about his personal health, nutrition choices, or his drug abuse issues.

Following the rapper's imprisonment, Gucci Mane dramatically managed to turn it all around for the better, and now he's looking a lot fresher. During his time in the pen, the Atlanta artist began reading books on how to be healthy, how to exercise more regularly, and also how to only eat the best foods.

These days, Gucci Mane's fitness is top-notch, so it's understandable that he's able to make fun of his much older self. For instance, in relatively recent news, Angela Yee made fun of Gucci Mane and told fans of The Breakfast Club to go look up pictures of Gucci Mane from back in 2009.

Gucci can obviously take a joke, so earlier this weekend, Gucci shared an old photograph of himself in which he made fun of how fat he was at one point. During a performance, Gucci Mane wasn't wearing a shirt, and his big gut was hanging over his belt.

The rapper wrote, "I was fat as hell," alongside a number of laughing-face emojis and other symbols.

Moving on from his weight loss transformation, fans have been offering suggestions for a new album title. The rapper is apparently getting ready to drop a new record.

Other commenters have been insinuating that the old Gucci, in other words, the much fatter Gucci, was a much better artist than he is now. Fans in the comment section suggested that when he looked as he did, everyone knew he was going to drop some of his best music.

Another user wrote that Gucci shouldn't make fun of himself for the way he used to look, because the "overweight Gucci" was the one making "fire tracks." A social media commenter joked that Gucci Mane was only rapping for the 'Gram these days.

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