Fans Concerned For Britney Spears Well-Being As Free Britney Hashtag Continues To Trend

Fans Concerned For Britney Spears Well-Being As Free Britney Hashtag Continues To Trend
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram/Hello Magazine

Britney Spears reportedly checked herself into a mental health facility and was seen leaving the rehab on Easter Sunday, but fans are worried there is more to the story than meets the eye. Even though Britney went on Instagram to tell the world she was fine, many of her fans simply don't believe it. They believe her family has put her into a facility against her will and are essentially holding her hostage.

The hashtag #FreeBritney has trended since fans grew concerned for her safety and well-being.

Britney's Instagram post saying she was fine has gone viral and has nearly 7 million views and over 72 thousand comments. You may see the video and what Britney posted below.

"I wanted to say hi, because things that are being said have just gotten out of control!!! Wow!!! There’s rumors, death threats to my family and my team, and just so many things crazy things being said. I am trying to take a moment for myself, but everything that’s happening is just making it harder for me. Don’t believe everything you read and hear. These fake emails everywhere were crafted by Sam Lutfi years ago... I did not write them. He was pretending to be me and communicating with my team with a fake email address. My situation is unique, but I promise I’m doing what’s best at this moment 🌸🌸🌸 You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and stand up for what I want! Your love and dedication is amazing, but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way. If you could do that, I would be forever grateful. Love you ❤️❤️❤️"

Britney has shared a second video on Instagram where she boasts about losing five pounds and is seen working out. Though Britney has promised her fans she will be back in the public eye soon, not all of her fans are buying it.

They think she is being forced to upload the videos making it appear that all is well.

Some fans even believe that Britney has been in a facility against her will since January.

Since Britney Spears was placed under conservatorship in 2008 and according to reports is under permanent conservatorship.

What do you think? Do you believe Britney Spears is in a mental health facility due to her own will? Do you support the #FreeBritney movement?


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