Christina Aguilera Loves Her Curves And Hated Being Super Skinny

Christina Aguilera loves her curves and hated being super skinny, according to a new […]

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Joseph Baena Twins With Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger In New Body Building Photos

Arnold Schwarzenegger made headline news in 2011 when it was discovered he and Maria […]

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How Hale Berry Beat Diabetes With Low Carb And Trainer Peter Lee Thomas

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Jessica Simpson Lost 100 Pounds After Giving Birth, Here's How She's Kept It Off

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Jeff Bridges Provides An Update On His Cancer Battle — Shows Off Shaved Head

Jeff Bridges shocked the world when on October 17, 2020, he revealed his […]

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Kelly Osbourne Is Sick And On Oxygen And It Isn't Due To COVID

Kelly Osbourne is very sick and she's been on oxygen but it isn't […]

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Jane Seymour Eats Only One Meal A Day And Has Never Had Surgery, As 69-Year-Old Actress Says She Can Play 25!

Jane Seymour is one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses, and that is just […]

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Young Beyonce Fan, Lyric Chanel, Who Received Flowers From The Star Says, 'I'm The Queen's Friend!'

Beyonce sent flowers to her young fan, Lyric Chanel, who is battling brain cancer […]

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Ireland Baldwin Goes On Epic Rant About Female Weight Gain While Wearing A Two Piece Bathing Suit

Ireland Baldwin, the 24-year-old, beautiful daughter of Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin, went on […]

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Courtney Stodden Shows Her Cellulite, Imperfections In New Photos As She Turns 26-Years-Old And Gains A New Understanding Of Self-Love

Courtney Stodden celebrated her 26th birthday on August 29, 2020, and she's opening up […]

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