Evangeline Lilly Says She's Not Staying Home For Quarantine - She Needs To Live

Evangeline Lilly Says She's Not Staying Home For Quarantine - She Needs To Live
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While many celebrities and performing artists are doing what they can to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus to their elders, Evangeline Lilly is choosing to continue with her life. Page Six picked up a post from the star in which she said it was "business as usual" for her.

Lilly explained in her Instagram post that she just got finished dropping her kids off at a gymnastics camp, and they all "washed their hands before going in." The star went on to say that it was just a regular day for them.

Immediately after, fans on social media began asking her why she wasn't being more precautious about her children amid the coronavirus pandemic. In her response, she revealed she was currently helping out her father who has stage four leukemia.

Lilly went on to say that she was the type of person who simply valued her freedom over her life, which is quite different from other people. The star added that "we all make our choices." According to the Lost alum, she looks at COVID-19 as just being a "respiratory flu," adding that she believes the government is overstepping boundaries.

From Lilly's post, it appears as though she's worried about the government's increased authority at the moment. The actress claimed that it was crucial for the public to keep a watchful eye over what's happening in government right now to ensure they aren't taking away freedoms in the name of safety.

Lilly went on to insinuate there may be some kind of conspiracy at play, arguing that there was a very major issue every single time there's an election going on. Lilly's post comes not long after she revealed that she felt "alone and unseen" in the past year.

The star said on her account at the time that she was hiding from the things that bothered her the most, until one day, the facade broke and she had to confront the things that terrified her.

It's not clear what she was referring too, but some fans believed it may have had something to do with her father's diagnosis. Regardless of her mental health condition, Lilly is an anomaly currently, as many other celebrities have urged for social distancing, such as Bebe Rexha. 

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