Bebe Rexha Reveals She Knows Someone Who Died At 45 From COVID-19 - 'It's Not A Joke'

Bebe Rexha Reveals She Knows Someone Who Died At 45 From COVID-19 - 'It's Not A Joke'
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Bebe Rexha, the popstar, recently took to her Twitter account to warn followers about the COVID-19 virus, which took the life of someone close to her. As the world continues to introduce preventative measures against the spread of coronavirus, Bebe urged her fans to recognize the severity of it.

The 30-year-old performer said on her Twitter on Monday night that it "wasn't a joke." She revealed that a "friend of a friend" passed away at 45-years-of-age. She went on to add, "stay inside your f*cking house and do your civic duty please."

Furthermore, the 30-year-old artist asked for the federal government to put a hold on the typical bills that Americans pay, including utility payments, mortgage payments, and rent payments. The star, additionally, told fans to send her their cash-app usernames so she could send money if needed.

According to Rexha, there are a lot of Americans out there right now who are worried about losing their jobs and their homes. Thus far, the coronavirus is beginning to spread across the United States, with some exceptions, such as West Virginia, which has no reported cases at the moment.

During a White House press conference today featuring members of the coronavirus task force, the president announced that there would be a stimulus package to counteract against the economic effects of the shutdown of American businesses to combat the illness.

While actions are being taken to thwart the dissemination of COVID-19, not everyone is pleased with the response, including Rachel Matthews. It was reported earlier today that Ms. Matthews tested positive for the influenza strain.

She revealed the news in her Instagram Stories and explained some of the symptoms she experienced across a seven-day period. The star also said that it was incredibly difficult to find the test.

Earlier this week, Idris Elba also announced he was fighting the coronavirus after doing extensive travel. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, also tested positive for COVID-19 but were subsequently released from the hospital after recovering.

Tom and Rita are currently engaging in self-quarantine for the sake of protecting other people.

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