Eva Marcille Shows Off A New Look: 'Royalty Mood'

Eva Marcille Shows Off A New Look: 'Royalty Mood'
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Eva Marcille shared a new look with which she managed to impress her fans. Check it out in the pics that she shared recently on her social media account.

'Omg I’m saving this! and def doing it! 😩❤️🙌🏾 gorgeous! your hair is always on point!' a follower posted.

A commenter said: 'Only you can pull these dope hairstyles off,' and someone else posted this: 'You keep the dopest natural hairstyles.'

A fan wrote: 'Eva that is a really cute hairstyle on you,' and someone else wrote: 'This looks so good on you. 😍🔥🔥You can rock literally any style. 👌🏾✨'

Another follower said: 'You are so pretty you can rock 🎸 anything!!😍' and a commenter posted this: 'Dope Queen👑😎!!!! I sent you a dm can you please check it if you can.'

Someone else wrote: 'I'm just thinking about how Miss Eva is gonna sleep tonight lol I love it tho,' and someone else wrote: 'Love the look of this😍😍but does it hurt to have your hair so tight.'

A follower had this to say: 'Now you wanna wear African American hairstyles you know the styles that the little nappy heads created.'

One other commenter posted this: 'It looks like it hurts and all your hair line will be 👋🤏 naw I'm good tho.. lol.'

In other news, just the other day, Eva Marcille  reposted a message from  Mike Sterling  on her social media account that had fans talking in the comments.

'Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor. It should not be a death sentence. If you point your gun at innocent protesters, you get a speaking role at the Republican National Convention. If you illegally have a gun, illegally transport it across state lines, murder two people, shoot another one’s arm off, then you will be praised by Tucker Carlson,’ Eva began her post.

Check out the complete post that Eva shared.

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