Marlo Hampton Responds To Eva Marcille's Homophobic Claims

Marlo Hampton Responds To Eva Marcille's Homophobic Claims
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Eva Marcille and Marlo Hampton have been going at it in the public eye. Marlo has decided to respond to Eva's claims that she's been gay bashing her .

This argument stems from the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion where the friend of the show mentioned that she heard from Marcille's bridesmaid that Eva was in a full-blown relationship with a woman in LA.

The model told US Weekly: "I don’t understand what her problem is with people that prefer the same sex, or that are bisexual. If that is my reality or not, what does it matter to her? I don’t know if she would like to dip into more lady pools, and if that’s why she’s so inquisitive about it. This whole idea of her bringing this up, never nipped it in the bud with her, but her gay bashing is disgusting. It is quite gross."

Marlo spoke to the same publication and countered Eva's claim.

"Once again Eva is DEFLECTING from the issue. … I have never had a problem with the LGBTQ community! … I specifically pointed out Eva’s PERSONAL sexual past as told to me by three of her bridesmaids, because she was trying to hide her reality from the world."

Hampton went on to say that Eva was asked by Shamea Morton about her sexual orientation and deflected which is why she brought it up and held her accountable.

"So many of my friends in the LGBTQ community have shared stories with me about their fears to be their authentic selves. They look up to celebrities like Eva to lead by example. She lied to her fans, production, the network and more about her living situation and I have the valid proof to support that, which I never shared. … I want Eva to know that the LGBTQ community, her 'RHOA' fans, and the world will still love her if she lives in her truth."

Eva has yet to respond.

Do you think Marlo had ill intentions when she asked Eva about her past love life? Is she being genuine?


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