Eva Marcille Shares An Important Message About Resisting Arrest

Eva Marcille Shares An Important Message About Resisting Arrest
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Eva Marcille reposted a message from Mike Sterling on her social media account that had fans talking in the comments. Check it out below.

'Repost from @miketsterling • Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor. It should not be a death sentence. If you point your gun at innocent protesters, you get a speaking role at the Republican National Convention. If you illegally have a gun, illegally transport it across state lines, murder two people, shoot another one’s arm off, then you will be praised by Tucker Carlson,' Eva began her post.

The message continues: 'But if you even possibly had a knife at a gun fight and committed a misdemeanor, then somehow they want to paint a narrative that you were asking to be shot in the back 7 times. I don’t want to tell Marley, Mike Jr., and Maverick that despite the fact their dad works everyday fighting for the justice of others, they may be denied that same justice simply because of the color of their skin. We gotta keep fighting. No lie can live forever. #sterlingsays #dreyersterling #cochrantx #jacobblake.'

A follower said: 'I just see something different. I don't think this young man should have been reaching into his car when he already should know that cops are just looking for a reason to shoot. He was told several times not to go in the car. At some point, you have to do what they say so it doesn't cost you your life...period. So before you come for me tell me if you had kids siblings etc that you would show them this video and tell them that they should do exactly what this young man did when dealing with the police??? Bcuz I would NEVER tell my sons who are grown to do this.'

The same commenter continued and wrote: 'And I am a black woman. At some point, this is not about race but about right and wrong. The cops were called on him from what I read...so at that point, once they showed up he should have just compiled and he possibly could have been on his way after talking to the officers.'

Someone else said: 'If you had law enforcement in your family you'd want them to come home ALIVE. You just can't go around reaching in your f'n car where you can't see what the person has! The police were CALLED THERE FOR A REASON! They didn't just show up there! Geez!'

A follower posted this: 'The KKK is alive in our police forces, courts, legislature, and policymaking...'

Just the other day, Eva Marcille  shared a message that has been shared by the BLM movement.

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