Erica Mena's Latest Photo At The Beach Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors - Here's The Photo

Erica Mena's Latest Photo At The Beach Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors - Here's The Photo
Credit: BET

Erica Mena shared a photo in which she's flaunting her beach body. While a lot of fans are praising her toned hourglass figure, some people say that she's definitely had some work done.

'This post is to praise my tan ☺️' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This comment is to praise that body 😍🤤' and another follower posted: 'I need to eat whatever your eating because you have gained weight in all the right places!!!🔥🔥'

One other follower addressed haters who accused her of having cosmetic surgery: 'It’s crazy how many people comment ugly sh*t like this woman gives two sh*ts what you think or say why do you follow her if you don’t like her and why comment on the picture you think she cares this woman is living her best damn life and don’t give a hot damn what you think so say so go be miserable. Surgery or not she looks good a lot better than the people talking shit some of you need surgery or Jesus you pick.'

A fan posted: 'Hard work pays off, she looks amazing 😉 I’m not sure what’s happening with the hips though? Looks painful but you’re beautiful Sis! 💕'

Someone else said: 'She said she never had surgery but if you look at the first time she got on LHHNY...she was flat as a pancake. You can grow an ass n hips by weight n nowhere else. Genetics don't work like that! I use to work a plastic surgery office n trust me the way her stomach n hips looks...that is lipo! Bad lipo as that! Uneven smoothness! Girl just admit u had surgerie(s)! Be honest! The truth will set u free!'

In other news, Erica recently told her fans that she’s just tried a new product for her face and it’s doing wonders.

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