Erica Mena Tells Fans How She Keeps Her Melanin Glowing - Watch Her Video

Erica Mena Tells Fans How She Keeps Her Melanin Glowing - Watch Her Video
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Erica Mena tells her fans that she's just tried a new product for her face and it's doing wonders. Check out her video in which she's telling people how she's keeping the melanin glowing.

'Urban Skin RX - I kept hearing a lot of my friends talk about @urbanskinrx so I started using it and it def lives up to the hype. Def gotta keep this melanin glowing. The combination skin bar is my favorite, but I love everything I’ve tried🤩' Erica captioned her video.

Someone commented: 'Lmfaoo I’m laughing because it looks like you tryna wash ya sins away when you hit your forehead 😂😂😂 I am Erica & Erica is Me 😂😂😂💀'

Another follower had some more natural advice for people: 'If y'all want good clear healthy looking skin just drink a lot of water, eat fruit, sit in the steam room for 15 to 30 mins and take yo ass to the dermatologist. Anything outside of that ain't worth it. They use these celebrities to advertise their products with good skin so y'all can go out and buy it and they can make a profit off of u.'

One fan said, 'Thank you, Erica, I’ve started using hemp for my hair gonna try the one from ja as my partner from there as I’ve started growing my hair I will send u updates thank u x.'

Somoene seemed confused and told Erica the following: '@iamerica_mena girl I love you but one min you telling us about hello body I buy it trusting you now you using something new I’m confused... I love ur skin and how nice an soft it looks so I’m trying to figure what should I use.'

Erica responded to the follower: 'Yeah if I use it and it works, I tell you about it. You can’t let your skin get used to one thing solely. Whatever gives results you use. It’s called alternating.'

Erica has the most unforgettable summer .

She and Safaree are on vacay, and she kept her fans updated and shared various pics from the locations that they are visiting.

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