Erica Mena Raises Awareness About The Dominican Republic Electoral Crisis

Erica Mena Raises Awareness About The Dominican Republic Electoral Crisis
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Erica Mena shared a message on her social media account in order to raise awareness about something that's going on in the Dominican Republic. There's currently an electoral crisis gong on there, similar to the one that happened in Bolivia.

See Erica's message below.

People are grateful to Erica for sharing this post on her social media account.

Someone said: 'Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ hmmmmm it’s everywhere boo look at my country Haiti 🇭🇹 I will pray for you and you pray for me my people is suffering our people 😘'and another follower posted this: 'Bolivia fought hard against this and dr is next.'

Someone said: 'And if we don’t vote Republican regardless if who the president is the USA will be headed the same path. Its called socialism. They trick u into thinking everything you want to here then strip you if your dignity.'

One commenter said: 'All my Dominican Family n Friends always saying Fu* America I am getting the bag going back to my country now all that US currency 💴 invested in your homeland has been misappropriated and America fuc*ed up the electoral process.'

The same person said: 'Exclude them like y’all always do, and this dictatorship will pass. I pray for you and the country - it’s crazy how so many things that are known oppression in that country you now need those oppressed people to avoid this GOD definitely has a way of being folks together in adversity. ✌🏾'

Another one of Erica's fans was grateful to her for the message: 'Mena! I’m surprised but extremely please bc you didn’t post a pic of you with a flag! You legit sent the message across! Right now, we are all fighting for our rights over here to not allow a dictatorship to follow us! Thank you so much, patriotic sister!!! We appreciate your support!!!'

Other than this, Erica is living her best life together with Safaree and their baby girl.

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