Erica Mena Celebrates The Birthday Of Her 'Virgo Sister'

Erica Mena Celebrates The Birthday Of Her 'Virgo Sister'
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Erica Mena celebrates the birthday of her Virgo sister - that's how she called her friend, Abby. Check out the post that Erica shared in order to mark this important event.

'My Virgo Sister💕🌹 You hold so many of my best-kept secrets. You always are quick to pick up the phone to talk sense into me lol It’s ten plus years of memories. Laughter - Tears - and turn-ups! I was by your side the day you said I do and now you will be by mine. ♥️🌹 Thank you for your loyalty and for my God son. Abby Westbrook HAPPY Happy Birthday @kiddyard,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone wrote: 'Abby looks beautiful as always, hope she has a Happy Birthday!!'

A follower shared: 'That’s so much love🥰🥰🥰🥰.. whew .. this moment came quick! So happy for you.. I pray Our Creator puts an invisible shield around this Union... what the Creator has put together. May NOONE break it apart.. breathe now E... break up w PAIN ASAP.. we sometimes don’t even realize how faithful we have been to PAIN.. it was always sure to pop up.. even w the best energy we give out.. tell Pain gtfoh.. FOREVA(in my Cardi voice) everything you’ve been through has been for this moment right here.. 😥🥰😉.. I’m super ecstatic about this.'

Someone else posted: 'Happy birthday sweetheart many more birthdays to come with love and laughter.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Virgos Are The Best Listeners & We Give Great Advice Ya Secrets Are Aways Safe With Us 😊 HBD To Her ♍'

In other news, Erica impressed her fans recently when she looked like a dark princess at the Diamond Ball.

She shared a couple of videos on her social media account and managed to impress Safaree, not to mention her fans.

Porsha Williams is also here for her look and makes sure to drop a comment.

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