Amber Portwood Reportedly Not Filming 'Teen Mom' Amid Andrew Glennon's Claims That She Threatened To Kill Their Son

Amber Portwood Reportedly Not Filming 'Teen Mom' Amid Andrew Glennon's Claims That She Threatened To Kill Their Son
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Ever since police arrested Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood in July for an alleged domestic assault against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon, he has started to open up about what he claims life was really like living with the troubled reality star. Glennon says that Portwood has been verbally abusing him for months, and now he claims that Portwood threatened to kill their infant son James on two separate occasions.

Last week, leaked audio surfaced of an argument between Portwood and Glennon where she verbally abused him and threatened to stab him. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup , Teen Mom executive producers immediately got together to discuss how they were going to handle Portwood’s arrest on the show because the recording changed things.

Originally, many people were in Portwood’s corner and supported her because she claimed Glennon was trying to make her look bad. But now that “they have actual proof of what was going on in the house” things are very different.

“They can no longer deny that this has been happening, and things from the past, even as far back as when she was with Matt are now starting to make sense,” says an insider.

The source also claims that Portwood “will not be filming” for Teen Mom because her lawyer has told her not to, and she is also supposed to avoid social media. The insider says that MTV producers have been talking to her about going to rehab, but Portwood doesn’t think she has a problem.

Not long after the first audio clip went public, a second one surfaced from last Christmas Eve. In the second clip, Portwood is upset with Glennon and accusing him of tricking her into getting pregnant. She can also be heard hitting Glennon as she calls him names and he tells her to stop hitting him.

Portwood also threatened to stab Glennon in the neck again, and their son James was there to witness the entire thing. The woman who released the audio said that she cut out a portion in the middle because Portwood was saying terrible things about James, and she didn’t want him hearing it one day when he grew up.

When fans started asking why Glennon started recording Portwood’s outbursts, he commented on social media that he had to have proof of her behavior if anything serious happened.

"I started recording audio of every major outburst after she had made very REAL and very scary death threats to me, herself, and James," he wrote. "There had to be a paper trail if anything serious happened, and that night was as serious as it could ever have gotten."

"That real threat was verbalized twice," says Glennon. "Her talk of suicide must be taken seriously. I do not know why people in her team aren’t more honest with her. She needs help."

Glennon and Portwood are currently in a custody battle over James. Teen Mom OG just ended its most recent season and will return in 2020 with new episodes.


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