Erica Mena Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous At The Diamond Ball - Safaree Is Blown Away

Erica Mena Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous At The Diamond Ball - Safaree Is Blown Away
Credit: BET

Erica Mena looks like a dark princess at the Diamond Ball. She shared a couple of videos on her social media account and managed to impress Safaree, not to mention her fans.

Porsha Williams is also here for her look and makes sure to drop a comment.

The RHOA star told Erica: 'You look amazing. 🔥🔥🔥'

Safaree hopped in the comments and wrote: 'WOW ... I am speechless... unbelievable.. this is why I like when you get dressed without me there. Love being surprised ❤️'

One follower started the pregnancy suppositions: 'I’m convinced you’re prego! Announce it already!!! Lol... cmon now, no skin-tight sexy Mena 🧐'

More people continued to claim that she is definitely pregnant.

Someone said: 'So beautiful. But why was I was hoping you'd reveal a baby bump? 😞 I need to mind my business. Don't drag me.'

Another follower posted: 'I have this feeling @iamerica_mena is expecting a baby! Anyone else thinks that?'

Someone else shared: 'Here we go with the 'she's pregnant and hiding it under the dress' posts 🙄 @ms.zkay'

A fan believes that Safaree is the luckiest man and posted: 'Omggggggg ❤️❤️❤️ you look beautiful.... @safaree you are one lucky man!!! I love you guys and wish y’all the best!!!! 💯💯💯'

Someone told Erica to stop it with the cosmetic work on her face: 'You're beautiful. Stop with face enhancements.. I thought you where beautiful already when you 1st aired on lahhny.. and I watched that show since day 1. Stop with the but implants too. Not hating. I just thought that old you before the tv show $$$ ... please don’t do anything more .. or you’ll look wayyyy overdone, and all the beauty will be hidden 🙌'

Fans have been claiming that she is pregnant for quite a while now, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

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