Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Styles A Blazer In Many Different Ways In Fun New Fashion Video!

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Styles A Blazer In Many Different Ways In Fun New Fashion Video!
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Eminem 's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, took to her platform to share yet another fashion post, this time showing her followers many different ways in which they can style a simple black blazer for completely different looks! The influencer looked stunning in all of them and fans also loved the fun mix and match video as well, some praising Hailie for being so 'down to earth!'

In the clip, the 25 year old can be seen standing in front of a white, black, and tan staircase and modeling the various looks for the camera.

She looked confident and exuded charisma, obviously passionate about her job, something her followers appreciate, of course.

In the video's caption, Hailie wrote: '6 ways to wear a blazer… leggings, jeans, dress, sweats, shorts, skirt… did i miss anything?!'

The first look had her combine the black blazer with a pair of matching leggings.

She also accessorized with white socks and sneakers for a more casual look.

The second ensemble featured a pair of blue jeans instead and it looks like this combination was many of her followers' favorite judging by the comments.

Look number three featured a long hoodie under the blazer and it looked just as cool as it did feminine.

Hailie also wore dark gray exercise shorts for her fifth outfit and finally, she combined the blazer with a white graphic tee for the last mix and match example.

Fans were not at all surprised to see this post since Hailie has proven herself to be quite creative when it comes to her looks, which is also why she has so many people following for inspiration!

And fashion is not her only content, Hailie also giving, whoever cares to watch, makeup tutorials from time to time!


More recently, she taught her followers how to do a flawless Valentine's Day look!

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