Nick Cannon Says Eminem Probably 'Knows Better Now' Regarding His Lack Of Response To Three Diss-Tracks

Nick Cannon Says Eminem Probably 'Knows Better Now' Regarding His Lack Of Response To Three Diss-Tracks
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Nick Cannon and Eminem are still fighting, although, one could argue that it's mostly Nick who's doing all the talking. Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from the television show host recently in which he expressed his thoughts on the ostensibly one-sided feud between himself and Marshall Mathers.

During an episode of Lord Knows, with Fat Joe, Nick addressed the bad blood once again. Fans of the television personality know that he dropped not one but three diss-tracks on Eminem recently in an attempt to really let the world how he feels about the acclaimed rapper.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Nick Cannon isn't known for being the best hip-hop artist out there, so it was probably wise for Eminem to not even bother engaging in the rap battle anyway. Regardless, Cannon is still bringing it up.

During a conversation with Billboard, Nick stated that he already invited a response from Eminem, and the invitation still stands. Cannon went on to say in the interview that he thinks Eminem "knows better now," although, if he says anything about him again, he'll have something to say back.

Cannon then went on to address the idea of institutionalized racism in hip-hop, saying that Eminem came into a culture that he wasn't really apart of. According to Nick, "it's the idea there is a superior class of people who are judged by a different measuring stick."

The personality then went on to compare Eminem to Elvis Presley, someone who supposedly took a culture from another community and then brought it to the masses. As it was noted above, Nick Cannon dropped several diss tracks in the last year in which he took aim at Eminem.

However, it came at a time where many were confused about it. In fact, many social media users didn't even know why Nick was coming out with a diss-track on Eminem in the first place.

Additionally, Eminem was just coming out of a feud with the rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, as well, in which he released "Killshot," in response to "Rap Devil."

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