Eminem Remains The Rap God With These Epic Numbers Despite Drama And Mac Miller's 'Circles'

Eminem Remains The Rap God With These Epic Numbers Despite Drama And Mac Miller's 'Circles'
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Ever since Eminem released his previous album, Kamikaze , back in 2018, the legendary rapper has been actively trying to stay away from the public eye, even though he did make headlines with his occasional feuds with people like Nick Cannon and Lord Jamar.

Because of the relatively quiet life that Eminem had been leading, the majority of his fans were suspecting that there is a huge possibility that a new album has been in the making.

The speculation about the new material from the "Lose Yourself" singer was confirmed to be accurate, with the release of Music To Be Murdered By .

Despite the drama surrounding some of the lyrics where he spoke about the horrific bombing at Ariana Grande's concert, according to HitsDailyDouble , the rapper's sales numbers are between 300,000-325,000, which implies he will have his tenth consecutive No. 1 album.

Mac Miller's first posthumous album, Circles , is set to move 175,000-200,000 units but will take the No. 3 spot after Halsey's Manic .

One critic had this reaction: "No way you're joking w the death of children's and parents mentioning manchester in your trashy album."

A defender stated: "So many virgin ears in this comment section. Em literally said, don't take his music literally. don't know how many more times the man has to say it. 😂👏🏻👏🏻"

Another person claimed: "He’s bringing awareness to it, dude. He advocates for gun control believe it or not. Your way off base here."

At a recent interview with the producer of the rapper, Symbolyc 1, he spoke about Em.

During the interview, the iconic music maker, who has worked with artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Drake, The Game, Kanye West, and many more, indeed stated that Eminem had been very busy, apparently working really hard for his next album.

He said the MC had worked hard to keep the tenth studio album a secret, but he knew that a lot of records were being produced, so with time it would be clear what happens with that and added: "I’ve been working with Eminem quite a bit. They’re always really quiet and real secretive, but I just know he’s been cutting a lot of records, so we’ll see what happens with that."

S1 also explained that he divided his attention between Eminem and his other project, which is J.Cole's new album, that is scheduled to hit the stores over the course of the year.

The producer made headlines recently when he announced the arrival of his memoir, Pray. Focus. Plan. Execute ," which was released on January 15.

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