Eminem And Nick Cannon's Feud Is Over KXNG Crooked Claims

Eminem And Nick Cannon's Feud Is Over KXNG Crooked Claims
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Eminem and Nick Cannon have feuded a number of times over the last two years because Marshall Mathers and Mariah Carey once dated, but their relationship ended in flames. Rumor has it that Eminem prematurely ejaculated when he had his chance to sleep with Carey, and things have been awkward between them since then.

Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that Royce Da 5'9", one of Eminem's frequent collaborators, was put on blast by Eminem fans for hanging out with Nick Cannon . KXNG Crooked later addressed the social media backlash and told everyone to just chill, because the feud was "over."

One user took to their Twitter account to say that Royce was hanging around the "enemy," but Crook said the beef is over, and the two men are "not enemies" at all.

"It's over," Crook remarked. Hot New Hip Hop touched on the possibility that Crook got involved and managed to squash the beef between both men, as he reportedly did with Lord Jamar.

Hip-hop fans know Nick Cannon slammed Eminem repeatedly after the rapper mentioned him on his second last record, Kamikaze. The album, which was a follow-up to Revival, featured Mathers firing shots all over the hip-hop industry, including some of the biggest rappers in the game currently.

As the story goes, the reason for Nick Cannon taking it so personally is that he holds a lot of pride in his heart for marrying Mariah Carey, the woman he considered as his dream girl growing up. Cannon has said in previous interviews that it was one of his goals in life to marry the pop star, and he was proud of himself for making that happen.

Regarding Mariah Carey's thoughts on the controversy, it was rumored that she had a new memoir coming out in which she would touch on her relationship with Eminem, which didn't end well.

Sources claimed Eminem was "scared" of what would be included in the memoir because their failed romance was embarrassing for him. A lot of fans argued, on the other hand, that the details are old news and no one cared anymore anyway.

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