Nick Cannon May Get Job With ViacomCBS Following His Firing Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

Nick Cannon May Get Job With ViacomCBS Following His Firing Over Anti-Semitic Remarks
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Approximately one month after he was fired, ViacomCBS has reportedly expressed interest in working with Nick Cannon again after agreeing with anti-Semitic remarks on his podcast, Cannon's Class , on YouTube.

The president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS, Chris McCarthy, spoke with employees at a town hall meeting this Monday and praised the work Cannon has done on himself since he was first fired from the show.

McCarthy claimed he was "hopeful" that the company would be able to create another working relationship with Cannon following his controversial comments. A source who spoke with ViacomCBS said to Variety that McCarthy and Nick have talked in the last few weeks, but at the moment, there is no plan to have him back.

In response to a question about the former Wild'N'Out host, McCarthy explained how he struggled with the fact the company wasn't on Nick's journey as he makes amends for his remarks.

As it was previously reported, on the 30th of June, Cannon described black people as the "true Hebrews" and referenced theories about "Zionists" and the Rothschild family. Cannon claimed it wasn't possible for his remarks to be hate speech against Semites because black people are the real "Semitic people."

Initially, Cannon was resistant to his firing, releasing a statement in which he claimed he wouldn't be bullied by an organization. He also requested full ownership of the show he formerly worked on, Wild'N'Out.

Even though Cannon's remarks were widely considered as reprehensible by social media users, he remained as the host of The Masked Singer from Fox.

Later, Cannon took to his social media to explain how his own community, the black community, had betrayed him and turned their backs on him for apologizing. Many in the hip-hop community claimed Nick never should've apologized for what he said.

Regarding his comments, Nick agreed with Professor Griff's remarks regarding Jews and the World Wars. Griff, formerly a member of Public Enemy, was fired in the late 1980s for claiming the Jewish people were responsible for much of the wars around the world.

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