Nick Cannon Drops Another Diss Track On Eminem But YouTube Isn't Impressed

Nick Cannon Drops Another Diss Track On Eminem But YouTube Isn't Impressed
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Nick Cannon and Eminem have been feuding for the last week. However, the truth is that it's mostly Mr. Cannon who has been engaging in the battle rather than Eminem, who has facetiously taken to Twitter to address the diss-tracks rather than dropping his own official rebuttals.

The 39-year-old host of Wild'n Out released a brand new diss track against the rapper called, Canceled: Invitation, and he compared the 8 Mile rapper to the racist hate group, the Ku Klux Klan. Reportedly, the rapper claims he found old lyrics before Eminem made it big in the industry, accusing him of being racist.

The lyrics say, "black girls are b*tches, black girls are dumb." Cannon used them to suggest Marshall Mathers was like the "KKK of his generation." Additionally, Nick has accused him of treating his black friends like slaves.

This will be the third diss track against Eminem, however, the rapper still hasn't responded to any of them, with the exception of one tweet, in which he called Nick a "bougie f*ck." Nick accused Eminem of having a sexual relationship with his chauffeur, and the rapper joked that he didn't even have one.

After half-an-hour, the rapper went on to say, "I demand an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener jealous!" As hip-hop fans know, Eminem first began a feud with Nick when he trashed him in a song over his relationship with Mariah Carey.

Regarding the unearthed lyrics, sixteen years ago, Eminem admitted to writing a song directed at black women after going through a breakup with one. Once they leaked, Eminem apologized and said it was something he made out of frustration, stupidity, and anger.

Eminem said in his statement at the time that he hoped people would take the lyrics for what they were, the angry words of a teenager, rather than for what someone was trying to make of them today.

Earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly also took his shot at Marshall Mathers as well, with his diss-track titled, "Rap Devil." Eminem responded to it with "Killshot."

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