Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Instagram In Blazer With Nothing Underneath But Not Everyone Approves Of The Revealing Attire

Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Instagram In Blazer With Nothing Underneath But Not Everyone Approves Of The Revealing Attire
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the world's top supermodels and she's not shy about her body. Now, her newest campaign for Inamorata Woman suits is turning heads and stirring a bit of controversy. Typically when women model blazers, skirts, or suits, they wear a shirt underneath. Not Emily. Emily has been heating up Instagram with numerous photos of herself wearing a suit and blazer without a shirt or anything underneath.

The photos are part of Emily's campaign for the new collection that is selling out quickly. Emily has shared photos of herself in the suits in black, baby blue, camel, and burnt orange.

In each picture on both Emily's official Instagram as well as the Inamorata Woman Instagram page, Emily posed in the suit top without anything underneath the jacket.

Though the photos are getting plenty of praise for the jackets as well as Emily's beauty, they are also stirring controversy by those who think Emily is revealing too much skin on her social media posts.

Some have even suggested that Emily's photos are unrealistic and distract from the clothes she is modeling.

You may see some of the photos that Emily shared with her 24.6 million Instagram followers below.

Emily knows that sex sells and she has been selling her sexy image since she became a household name after starring in Robin Thicke's and Pharrell Williams' "Blurred Lines" music video. The song has been slammed by the MeToo movement. Emily was topless in the video and showed plenty of underboob.

Some feel that the "Blurred Lines" video has started a pattern for Emily's career that she continues to promulgate with her fashion wear and modeling career.

Others have expressed that the unrealistic photos and videos that may apply to models but not the majority of women in the world excludes them from feeling they can wear Inamorata Women.

It is common for people to leave comments suggesting the clothes aren't available in specific sizes.

Inamorata Woman has tried to be inclusive and their sizes run from zero to plus.

What do you think? Is Emily Rajakowski going too far in her photos and videos for her Inamorata Woman clothing line?

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