Eddie Murphy Taking Care Of His And Mel B's Daughter Angel While Mel Recovers

Eddie Murphy Taking Care Of His And Mel B's Daughter Angel While Mel Recovers
Credit: Source: Variety.com

Mel B doesn't have to worry. Eddie Murphy, the father of her child, Angel, is taking care of their daughter while she gets better in the hospital. Currently, the 11-year-old girl is staying with the legendary comic in Los Angeles while she recovers from emergency surgery as a consequence of broken ribs.

Sources spoke with Us Weekly and said, "Angel is very well cared for," adding that Eddie and Angel have been spending a lot of time as a unit in the past few months.

While the former Spice Girls member gets better in England, Angel will be alongside her other siblings, as well as her newborn baby brother. The 57-year-old comedian/actor and his fiancée, Paige Butcher, welcomed their son Max into the world on the 30th of November.

They're also the parents of Izzy, 2. In total, Mr. Murphy has ten children, ranging in age from two weeks to 29-years. Mel is just one woman in a long list of partners for Eddie. Although, admittedly their relationship runs much deeper than a simple fling. In 2006, she and the comedian dated for approximately nine months.

Even though Mel B and Murphy only dated for close to a year, and their breakup was reportedly nasty, they still get along together quite well. When she first became pregnant with the child, Murphy demanded to see a DNA test, which later confirmed he was, in fact, the father.

Earlier this month on Steve Harvey's talk show, the reality television star described Steve as a "loving, caring," and "respectful" individual. Out of necessity, she and Eddie have righted a lot of wrongs in the last 12 years.

On the show, Mel explained, "it took a while to get there because we broke up not in the happiest circumstances." It's not all bad, however. Mel said they were madly in love at one point, and now they have a daughter together, so everything worked out for the better.

Furthermore, Mel is the mother of Phoenix, 19, and Madison, 7, with two different men, Jimmy Gulzar, and Stephen Belafonte, respectively. As most know, her relationship with Stephen has been more than strained in the last few years.


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