Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop Sequel Now Features Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Taylour Paige

Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop Sequel Now Features Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Taylour Paige
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The upcoming Beverly Hills Cop movie from Netflix, titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, will star Gordon-Levitt, 41, and Zola actress Paige, 31, in addition to Eddie Murphy , who will repeat his part as Axel Foley from the original three movies.

According to the streamer, the movie is still in development; thus, few specifics are known. The new casting was initially confirmed by Deadline.

According to the source, the property, which debuted in 1984, switched from Paramount to Netflix in the winter of 2019. In order to solve his friend's murder, Murphy's character, a Detroit police officer, travels to Beverly Hills in the movies. 1994 saw the release of The Third Beverly Hills Cop.

Mark Molloy is directing the upcoming episode, and Murphy will serve as one of the producers with Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman.

Murphy, 61, gave media at the time of Digital Spy and other media an update on the planned film in January 2021, saying, "They are presently composing a script. A script is being put all together."

Murphy remarked, "We may not have a launch date, but we have directors, producers, and writers working on it." "Axel Foley is prepared to leave. A script is all we require."

In previous films, Murphy has played characters who were first introduced to audiences decades before.
Murphy appeared in the 2021 prequel to the popular Coming to America movie from 1988. Murphy returned to the character of Prince Akeem in Coming 2 America, and Arsenio Hall as his best mate Semmi.

The father of ten said in 2021 that his children are the "center of everything" in an episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast, saying that they always come before his work.

"The whole notion of making three films a year is no longer relevant. I discovered time and time again that if you put your kids first, you never make the wrong choice, "explained the comedian.


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