Drake Filmed Walking Around At Night In Barbados And Everyone's Teasing Him About ‘Tryna Find Rihanna!’

Drake Filmed Walking Around At Night In Barbados And Everyone's Teasing Him About ‘Tryna Find Rihanna!’
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Drake chose Barbados as his partying destination but now, social media users think he had another reason for picking that location aside from its beauty and vibrant nightlife. The star and his friends definitely had a great time there but did he find Rihanna ?

That’s right! Fans are joking that Drake was in Barbados, which is Rihanna’s home country, to find the singer with whom he was romantically linked in the past.

Why else would he fly all the way to the Caribbean during this COVID-19 pandemic than being on a mission to encounter Rihanna ?

This was the general consensus on social media, people joking about that idea online.

They also teased him about still having a crush on his ‘Work’ collaborator and ex-girlfriend!

As you might remember, Drake and Rihanna briefly dated and split back in 2016 but remained friends.

However, despite being just friends today, the two artists still flirt a lot with one another so it makes sense that fans tease and joke about their relationship as well.

Therefore, regardless of them not dating each other, users did not waste any time and held nothing back while poking fun at Drake for going to Barbados.

Check out some of the comments under a clip of Drake in Rihanna’s home country walking around at night: ‘Tryna find Rihanna.’ / ‘He’s secretly visiting Rihanna.’ / ‘Looking for riri.’ / ‘He’s about to go visit Rihanna’s childhood house.’

As mentioned before, the fellow stars like to flirt with one another quite a bit despite not being in a romantic relationship with each other so shippers are well fed!

Back in March, for instance, they freaked out when they had a flirty interaction in the comment section of DJ Spade’s Instagram Live session.

At some point, she even told the other viewers to go ‘give drake some water’ while they were trading playful comments!

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