Don't Be Tardy Star Brielle Biermann Single Again After Giving It Another Try With Her Ex

Don't Be Tardy Star Brielle Biermann Single Again After Giving It Another Try With Her Ex
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It's back to the drawing board for Brielle Biermann. The Don't Be Tardy star's relationship with Slade Osborne has officially fizzled out for the second time. How is Biermann dealing with life as a single woman ?

The 21-year-old model recently opened up about her romantic life and revealed that her second attempt with Osborne will be featured on the current season of Don't Be Tardy . Last fall, Biermann and Osborne were caught smooching in Miami, months after her split from Michael Kopech.

"Um, I’m single. So, there’s that … We definitely tried it out [again]," she explained.

According to Page Six , Biermann also confessed that hooking up with friends has never worked out for her and usually ends in an awkward situation. She also revealed that she avoids dating apps at all costs, though her mom has plenty of options waiting for her on social media.

Speaking of awkward situations, during the Season 7 premiere of Don't Be Tardy , fans watched in shock as Biermann's father, Kroy Biermann, walked in on her getting extra cuddling with one of her boyfriends. Biermann later admitted that she was embarrassed that the scene made it onto the show and wished it had never happened.

Biermann's mother, Kim Zolciak, on the other hand, was not disturbed by the situation. In fact, Zolciak revealed that Kroy had no idea his daughter was home and that the disturbance was a complete accident. She also assured fans that the situation was a lot more lighthearted than they may have thought, though Kroy still gives Biermann a hard time about it.

Biermann did not say which of her previous boyfriends was in the room with her when her dad came busting through the door. More than likely, the mystery man was Kopech, though it is unclear when the scene was filmed.

Fans can watch Brielle Biermann in action when new episodes of Don't Be Tardy air Friday nights on Bravo.


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