Don't Be Tardy's Brielle Biermann Reveals Exactly What Went Wrong With Michael Kopech

Don't Be Tardy's Brielle Biermann Reveals Exactly What Went Wrong With Michael Kopech
Credit: Source: Chicago Tribune

Season 7 of Don’t Be Tardy is almost here, and fans should be ready to see some big changes in Biermann world - especially for 21-year-old Brielle. Last May, Kim Zolciak's oldest daughter went through a painful and public breakup, but she says that didn’t keep Season 7 from being “fun” to film.

In the past few months, Brielle hasn’t said much about her split from longtime boyfriend, Michael Kopech. However, the reality star recently revealed that she has started dating again.

“My life has kind of changed a little since the show, so next season you’ll get to see more about that,” Brielle told Hollywood Life. “This season I’m dating; I’m going on lunch dates or dinner dates, nothing crazy.”

Brielle added that she is limiting herself to “guy friends” who she has “known for a long time.” But, there is one date in particular that she doesn’t want fans to see because it makes her cringe.

The reality star admits that filming the upcoming season after breaking up with Kopech was “difficult,” but this season has a lot more fun and a lot less drama than last. She says at the beginning of filming she was bummed about being single, but she easily got over it and is now trying to find out who she wants to be.

Brielle is becoming more independent and will move out of her parents’ house during Season 7. And, she says that fans will be surprised which parent is more upset about her leaving the nest.

“They’re denying it, but you can feel their energy, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about,” says Brielle.

The blonde beauty was ready to say goodbye to her mom and dad - Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann - and venture out on her own. She says she is excited about finding her own apartment or condo and can’t wait to spend a ton of cash on furniture and cars.

Even though her friends told her to stay with her parents as long as possible so she could save money, Brielle Biermann wants to do the opposite and pay for everything. She says she wants “to be a free bird” and live her life.

Season 7 of Don’t Be Tardy premieres Sunday, February 17th on Bravo.


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