Ariana Biermann Denies Undergoing Liposuction, Confirms She Got Lip Fillers!

Ariana Biermann Denies Undergoing Liposuction, Confirms She Got Lip Fillers!
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Kim Zolciak's younger daughter took to her social media to admit that she has enhanced her lips through cosmetic procedures to make them plumper! However, amid rumors that she had gone under the knife as well, she made it very clear that is not the case at all!

Furthermore, she explained how she actually achieved her fitness!

While replying to some fan questions on her IG Stories, the 19 year old addressed the speculations that she'd undergone liposuction or a tummy tuck to look thinner.

'NOPE JUST WORKED MY A** OFF,' she responded to a fan wondering about her toned body.

'Did you get your lips done?' another of her followers wondered and this time around, Kim Zolciak's daughter did not hesitate to confirm that she 'SURE DID :) AND I F*****G LOVE THEM. BEST THING I EVER DID.'

But the questions about her supposed cosmetic procedures were not over!

A third social media user also asked the reality TV star if she'd gotten jaw fillers!

Ariana simply replied with: 'LOL NO.'

As for how she managed to tone her body like that without liposuction, the celeb opened up about her workout routine.

A fan wondered if she does a lot of cardio and Ariana confirmed that she does before going on to share more details.


She also replied to questions about her highest weight and where she is at now as far as the numbers are concerned.

'HIGHEST-167 NOW-118,' said the teen.


It is no wonder that fans are so interested in knowing more about how she's achieved her toned frame since this comes not too long after her mom Kim and she posed in matching bathing suits while at the beach! It is safe to say that both of them looked stunning!

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