Does Bradley Cooper Regret Buying His New York City Brownstone?

Does Bradley Cooper Regret Buying His New York City Brownstone?
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Is Bradley Cooper regretting buying his New York City Brownstone? No one could have predicted that New York would have been hit as hard as it was by the Coronavirus pandemic. From the devastating death toll (it is currently over 27,000) to the economic toll, and Hollywood's shutdown, celebrities are feeling the effects of the deadly virus. Now, even A-list actors are out of work and no one knows when things will change. According to a new report in the upcoming May 25, 2020, issue of In Touch Weekly, Bradley now regrets making the big purchase in such shaky economic times.

The publication continued to say that Bradley spent $13.5 million on the property and has shelled out even more millions in renovations.

A source stated the following to the publication.

"The bills from the reno are just piling up. NYC property prices could take a huge hit, so he may never see a return on his investment. His career has been heavily affected. He's gone from being one of Hollywood's busiest stars to having to put his life on hold!"

In Touch has been following the plights of celebrities who are facing economic difficulties and they put Bradley Cooper high on the list.

Bradley Cooper hasn't confirmed or denied the reports and hasn't made any indications regarding his financial status public.

In addition to Bradley's own expenses, he also pays child support to his ex-partner, supermodel Irina Shayk for their three-year-old daughter Lea. The source continued.

"Everyone assumes that Bradley can splash out on whatever he wants, whenever he wants because he's so rich, but it just isn't the case."

After his work on the Oscar-winning A Star is Born and Joker Bradley Cooper is in high demand. He has over a dozen projects that are currently on hold. What do you think about the report? Do you believe Bradley Cooper will bounce back as soon as Hollywood is open again?

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