Diddy Wished A Happy Anniversary To Someone Special - See His Message

Diddy Wished A Happy Anniversary To Someone Special - See His Message
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Diddy wished a happy birthday to a special lady. This triggered all kinds of fans who debated the issue in the comments.

'Happy Birthday @callmepumpkin!!!!! So grateful for you each and every day. Love you forever!' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Diddy had some dope women in his life.' Another person said that this lady was just a one night stand, and a true fan hopped in the comments to say this: 'Kim and Sarah met Diddy in the same year. He said it himself. So she wasn’t a one night stand.'

One commenter asked: 'Is that your new lady? 👍 but what I want to know is what are you all Richie rich types of ALL COLORS black, brown, white, tan, beige, yellow doing to clean up the planet/make it more sustainable/less wasteful/less sinful? Powering more yachts? Flying in more planes to buy Chanel bags whose materials come from God knows where? Burning gasoline? Throwing out glass and plastic? Building more houses with Chinese concrete? Polluting our earth more and more and more?? This is REAL!! We all only get one planet!! 80 years polar bears will be extinct!! BEARS which exist on each and every continent in some form! Think about it!! ☮️❤️🌿🌍'

One follower said: 'I don't appreciate that let her have her own man wishing her a birthday wishes.'

A commenter said: 'But you still not marrying her just drinking from her water fountain and eating from her farm.'

In other news, Diddy managed to impress his fans with a video that he decided to share on his social media account not too long ago.

Also, not too long ago, Diddy shared a video featuring Malcolm X on his social media account that had people  debating the issue of a new party  and more.


Diddy is now living his best life with his family.

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