Diddy Congratulates Will Smith And Martin Lawrence On Their #1 Movie Worldwide

Diddy Congratulates Will Smith And Martin Lawrence On Their #1 Movie Worldwide
Credit: BET

Bad Boys for Life has been a real hit and got over $100 million so far! If you've seen the movie by now, then you probably understand its success.

Diddy made sure to congratulate both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for this huge success. He decided to post a message on his social media account in order to mark this huge event.

Check out what Diddy had to say below.

'Congratulations to my brothers @willsmith and @martinlawrence on the #1 movie worldwide, grossing over $100 million!!!!! #BadBoysForLife the legacy continues!!!!!' Diddy captioned his post.

Fans and followers also gushed over the movie, and they made sure to praise it as well in the comments section.

Someone said: 'Just love how supportive, vulnerable yet strong you are, love your heart and your spirit❤️' and one other follower posted this: 'They can't have that kind of ending and not have another Bad Boys!!! Can't wait!!!'

Another one of Diddy's followers said: 'It's so good. But #tbt Bad Boys 2 soundtrack was banging @diddy,' and someone else wrote: 'It was a great movie! I’m going to see it again next week.'

One other of Diddy's backers also wrote: 'This was a great movie. I have to buy it when it comes out on disc.❤️💝 lt was worth the wait!' and someone else also praised the movie as well: 'The movie is good💯 Looking like there is room for pt.4🔥🔥🔥'

Other than this, Diddy impressed his fans just the other day when he shared a message about cherishing your loved ones. He also posted a photo of Kim Porter and this broke fans' hearts.

'If you got a good woman please let her know. Tell her as soon as you can. Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it. HONOR HER. CHERISH HER. Cause the special ones are RARE and FEW. And everyone doesn’t get a second chance. LET THE ONE YOU LOVE KNOW TODAY. RIGHT NOW!!!! 💛💛💛 @ladykp I’ll honor you forever. ❤️' Diddy captioned his post.

Fans became emotional, and they offered their support in the comments and completely agreed with Diddy's message.


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