Bad Boys For Life Wins $68 Million Opening Weekend

Bad Boys For Life Wins $68 Million Opening Weekend
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Earlier this week, it was noted by several outlets that Bad Boys for Life was on track for a big opening weekend, and the estimations turned out to be correct. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report that the movie earned $68.1 million across the four-day Martin Luther King Junior weekend.

Additionally, the film exceeded expectations in other nations, earning $37.3 million from 39 markets, thus earning in total, $107.3 million. The latest installment of the popular series is another big win for Sony Studios, who also scored a victory with Jumanji: The Next Level, in addition to Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as well as Little Women.

The film was an important victory as well for the lead actor, Will Smith, who just came off the box office bomb, Gemini Man. As it was previously reported, Will Smith stopped by Jimmy Fallon's late-night television talk show to discuss the importance of creating a fantastic Bad Boys movie.

The notorious box office earner stated that he didn't want Bad Boys for Life to simply be a "cash-grab," or a movie that was just like the previous installments of the franchise. Smith claimed it was crucial for him and Lawrence to make a movie that was good enough on its own.

During the same interview, Will also explained that was the primary reason why it took seventeen years to come out with a third Bad Boys movie. He and the cast and crew wanted the movie to be good enough to stand on its own.

Earlier this year, Will's co-star, Martin Lawrence, sat down with reporters and discussed the film and some of the past controversies in his life, including the sexual harassment lawsuit he faced, which also led to the dissolution of his popular television show, Martin.

Lawrence said that the show came crashing down as a result of the lawsuit. It simply wasn't feasible anymore to continue the series.

Regardless of past disputes, some people on social media have claimed that the Bad Boys For Life star would just be glad to star in a major picture again.

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