Did Andie MacDowell And Daughters Rainey And Margaret Qualley Break Into A Park That Was Closed To Coronavirus?

Did Andie MacDowell And Daughters Rainey And Margaret Qualley Break Into A Park That Was Closed To Coronavirus?
Credit: Source: Andie Macdowell/Instagram

Did Andie MacDowell break into a Los Angeles park with her two daughters Margaret and Rainey Qualley when it was under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic? The answer is a surprising yes! The trio was out in Los Angeles and headed to the Audubon Center in Debs Park where there were clearly visible signs posted saying the park was closed. Across the nation, parks were closed during April to help slow the spread of the deadly, novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and help flatten the curve. Those signs proved meaningless to Andie and her brood who was photographed scooting on her butt, under the gate, pulling her dog on a leash behind her.

Not only was the act an offense to all those who were obeying the laws of the land, but she made a huge fashion no-no. Dressed head-to-toe in white, Andie certainly got her outfit dirty as she got down on the ground and put her limbo dance skills to the test. Hopefully, she managed to score a gallon of bleach at her local grocery store.

At 62-years-old, Andie MacDowell isn't just defying the laws of the land but has defied the laws of aging as well.  She not only looks flawless but proved that her body is a lithe and supple as ever. Maybe there are better ways to prove one's agility than breaking social distancing rules and quarantine orders.

You may see photos of Andie MacDowell scooting herself underneath the Audubon Center gate below.

Rainey Qualley is 30-years-old and Margaret Qualley is 25-years-old. Both are following their mother's footsteps and have launched acting careers. Rainey Qualley is also a singer and performs under the name Rainsford. You may see a video of Rainey Qualley performing her song  "2 Cents Off" below.

Margaret Qualley is a trained dancer with skills that borderline contortionism. Clearly she had no problem getting underneath the gate.

What do you think about Andie MacDowell's and Rainey and Margaret Qualley's Audubon Center escapades?

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