Lala Kent Watches Vanderpump Rules From The Beginning For The First Time -- Thanks VPR OG's

Lala Kent Watches Vanderpump Rules From The Beginning For The First Time -- Thanks VPR OG's
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Lala Kent joined Vanderpump Rules during season four where she stirred up trouble at SUR and has been a staple since. The reality star claims to have never seen the episodes that aired before she was cast on the series.

Lala was scheduled to get married to Randall Emmett last month. Due to the worldwide pandemic, she had to move her wedding date to another time.

However, this gave the reality star extra time to catch up on all of her shows, including the one she stars in.

Kent took to Instagram where she showed her followers that she was watching the old episodes of Vanderpump Rules. From long ago when Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor were a toxic couple to the slap heard around the world when Schroeder assaulted Kristen Doute for sleeping with her boyfriend -- Lala is finally seeing it all.

The event made her feel thankful that she is a part of the foundation that the VPR OG's built.


Kent shared an old cast photo accompanied by a caption that read: ' I have completed 5 seasons on Vanderpump Rules. I stepped onto the scene like I was running s***- going as far as calling it Lala Rules 🥱 Last night I decided to start watching VPR from the beginning. I had never seen an episode prior to me joining... I’m on season 1 episode 4 & HOLY S***! After watching I felt compelled to pay homage to the people (including Lisa) who started it all. Thank you for making such an epic show. Without y’all I wouldn’t have had a chance to join such chaos. Cheers to 8 years of this show and the people who got it this far 👏 @bravotv @evolutionusa I know my cast may kill me for posting this.'

What is your favorite Vanderpump Rules moment? Did Lala add to the show in your opinion?

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  • Gemma
    Gemma May 4, 2020 3:31 PM PDT

    I liked LaLa when she first joined the show, she was funny and a refreshing break from the self proclaimed “Witches of Weho”. Now, she has turned into just another snotty mean girl like Stassi and Katie. Kristin is groveling this season because she is now being bullied but she has no problem bullying others with Stassi and Katie. Jax is a pathological liar and a manipulative cheater and I don’t believe that will ever change. Brittney is kidding herself. If you don’t think that Jax will make fun of every pound you put on, every stretch mark you get when you get pregnant you are more naive than I thought.

  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson May 3, 2020 12:27 PM PDT

    I did not like Lala at first. She came on way too strong at first. She thought she was gonna take over and the cast let her know real fast like that she wasn't!!! I think my favorite show by far has to be the one where Jax Finally tells the truth to Stassi. I still don't like him, I think he is dirty the only thing he has going for him is Brittney. That's the only good thing about him. He will screw this up too, just sucks Brittney will be the one getting hurt this time!!!!!

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