Demi Lovato Hits Back At Troll Who Asks Her When She's Going To Start Dieting

Demi Lovato Hits Back At Troll Who Asks Her When She's Going To Start Dieting
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Demi Lovato recently addressed the critical comments coming from one of her "fans." The star told her fans and followers that she didn't have any plans on dieting in the future and that she's perfectly happy with the way she is now.

Following the release of a paparazzi photo of Demi Lovato leaving her gym, a social media user who got their hands on the picture posted it along with the caption which said they would help craft a diet plan for the pop-star, who recently exited a rehabilitation facility.

Captured by The Whisp, the star wrote in response that she was choosing to avoid dieting for the sake of her "sanity and mental health." Moreover, Demi facetiously thanked the person who made the comment, adding that it was "super sweet."

As fans of the "Sorry, Not Sorry" singer know, she has, for a long time, been more than candid regarding her mental health struggles, as well as her problems with drug addiction. Previously, Demi took to her Instagram to say she was more than "her weight."

Last July, in 2018, Demi was taken to the hospital for a supposedly near-fatal overdose on opioids. Following her rehabilitation, Demi came out and said she was doing well. As for how she has been taking care of her health since then, Demi has been working out in a gym in Los Angeles.

The pop-star said to reporters from Us Weekly in 2017 that she finds exercising to be immensely therapeutic. "I feel the most confident when I'm in the gym - whenever I'm training," the pop-star explained.

Previously, Demi opened up to reporters regarding her family life, stating that her father also struggled with similar addiction issues. Moreover, Demi said her spiral into drugs and alcohol first began when she was a teenager, fueled, in part, by facing off against bullies in her school for being involved with the Disney Channel.

Zendaya Williams has echoed a similar point in the past, stating there is a stigma surrounding the Disney channel, especially in the entertainment industry and in Hollywood.

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