Hilary Duff Mom-Shamed For Piercing Daughter's Ears At Just 8 Months Of Age!

Hilary Duff Mom-Shamed For Piercing Daughter's Ears At Just 8 Months Of Age!
Credit: Source: cosmopolitan.com

Hilary Duff decided to pierce her daughter’s ears already, even though she is only 8 months old and a lot of social media users were not too happy about it! The actress received a lot of criticism for putting the little baby through the pain.

It all started with the proud mother of two sharing a pic of her newest addition to the family and not even Banks’ cuteness while pulling at her mother’s sunglasses could distract people from the small studs in her ears.

The earrings must be a new addition since it’s the first snap in which she’s sporting them.

Upon seeing the adorable pic, some people actually complimented the 8 month old on her new accessories while others mom-shamed the actress for piercing her ears so early in life.

‘I can't fathom why you would you think it's okay to have your daughters ears pierced. Causing her a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort,’ someone commented, obviously outraged.

In fact, some fans were so upset about it that they revealed their plans to unfollow the Hollywood star.

As it seems however, Hilary is not paying any attention to the haters.

She's way too busy living her best life with her family of four and celebrating her baby girl’s milestones such as crawling!

In a vid Duff posted, Banks can be seen crawling and it’s safe to say her mom and older brother Luca were excited about it.

‘We got a mover,’ the actress wrote alongside the adorable clip that features Luca cheering on Banks as she crawls in his direction.

Banks is a very happy and energetic baby and it does not seem like getting her ears pierced, which barely hurts, would ruin her great mood for too long.

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