David Adefeso Prepares Young Students For Life's Challenges

David Adefeso Prepares Young Students For Life's Challenges
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David Adefeso, Tamar Braxton's BF has been working a lot to support young people and students for a while. He's been also offering people financial advice and more useful stories on his social media account.

The other day, David was back with another announcement for the Black History Month, which was coming to an end.

Here's the latest post that he shared on his social media account. It's a conversation that he had with some students.

David began by saying this: 'This is the beginning of my conversation with the teen members of the Black Students Union at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in Los Angeles. I was preparing to speak to them about building good financial habits but right before I went on the teacher pulled me aside (thank God for our terrific teachers!!) and told me that despite the high school being in one of the wealthiest districts in America, black kids only accounted for 2% of the school population, and many of them didn’t feel like they belonged.'

David continued and explained that 'I then decided to change tact and, rather than speak about finance, to tell the kids my story with the hope that they could latch on to some life lessons that would boost their confidence and prepare them for many of the challenges they would face in life: I was barely 2 years older than each of them when I landed in the US with $250 and no friends; and through many struggles, I became a multi-millionaire many time over.'

'And while doing what I love, I have become more successful (and, more importantly), happier than I ever imagined. The kids were completely engaged throughout, and my hope is that each of them took something away from what I said that they can make their own. More to come...' David concluded his post.

Someone congratulated David and said: 'Great job! Please don’t stop teaching our young and old alike👏👏. People aren’t taught these things in school, and in many cases, not even at home 💕'

Another follower posted this: 'I want to study in America, secondly, our children's school building is not worth looking at, please help us to complete the school building, thanks for your help.'

A lot of fans appreciated that David is speaking from his heart.

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