Cynthia Bailey Talks About Beauty And Class - Check Out The Message She Shared

Cynthia Bailey Talks About Beauty And Class - Check Out The Message She Shared
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Cynthia Bailey had an important message for her fans regarding beauty and class. Check out what she had to say below.

“Beauty fades, but class is forever.” #cynthiabailey #rhoa #favoritetagline' Cynthia said.

A commenter said: 'Cynthia, we have 17 days before our birthday,' and somoene else posted this message: 'You go CYNTHIA..smiling with your eyes..that's the way you do it.'

A follower posted this: 'Absolutely Beautiful Cynthia Bailey Hill Amen❣️' and a fan posted this message: '“Age is just a number, but these cheekbones are priceless” my favorite tag line from Miss Bailey.'

Someone else said: 'Wow, your class and beauty gets better every year,' and a commenter posted this: 'That side pose looks like mother Bailey.'

A follower said: 'So gorgeous, in anything but girl when you pull up with that blonde hair,' and one other follower said: 'You really look like your sister! Thank you for being so welcoming to my niece Falynn. Respect Queen❤️'

Someone else said: 'Nope... Beauty Comes Within... And Yu My Friend Are Beautiful, Sexy and Classy❤️💯👑... Lol, Remember the Fashion Show, between Yu & Eva... Chowwwl Please... You Took That Young Ass Straight Back2 Elementary 😂🤣...#SofisticatedCynthia👑💪'

A follower said: 'You deleted the pic with Porsha? After she has u a birthday post, you didn’t wish her a happy birthday, then u post and delete it? You are 50 years old. Stop hating on that woman. She has more followers for a reason. 😂'

Someone else said: '@cynthiabailey beautiful as always!! I love that lip color!! Any details? Thanks💗.'

Other than this,  Cynthia Bailey  is celebrating Black History Month, and she made sure to share some  amazing pics  on her social media account. Check them here.

‘BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: ✨“DONYALE LUNA” Peggy Anne Donyale Aragonea Peugot Luna (August 31, 1945 – May 17, 1979), better known as Donyale Luna, was an American supermodel and actress who gained popularity in Western Europe during the late 1960s, generally cited as “the first black supermodel”, she said.


Cynthia is living her best life.

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