Cynthia Bailey Shares A Post In The Memory Of Breonna Taylor

Cynthia Bailey Shares A Post In The Memory Of Breonna Taylor
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Cynthia Bailey shared a post in the memory of late Breonna Taylor on her social media account. Fans continue to support her and they were asking for justice for Breonna.

'#repost @theladysitter #challengeaccepted on behalf of #breonnataylor bc, unfortunately, she isn’t here to do it herself #gaysempoweringwomen #womenempoweringwomen .... now you EMPOWER HER AND SHARE/ SIGN THIS PETITION! Please Repost!!!🎯🎯🎯' Cynthia captioned her post.

A fan said: 'Justice for Breonna Taylor' and lots of people continued to ask for justice for this lady.

Despite the fact that there are millions of people asking for justice for Breonna, not everyone is on the same page.

It's been just revealed that in interviews and emails, 'seven experienced Louisville defense lawyers who are not involved in the case say the officers should not be charged with murder or manslaughter because they had a legal right to defend themselves once her boyfriend shot at them,' and online publication called Courier Journal notes.

Three of the attorneys are Black.

'It is unfortunate that this young lady was killed,' said Aubrey Williams, a former president of Louisville’s NAACP chapter who has spent much of his 40-year career fighting police in court.

Williams continued and said 'But for the life of me I don’t see them indicting or convicting.'

What do you think about this case?

In other news, Cynthia Bailey   addressed black women’s health in a message that she shared on her social media account. You can check it out below.

‘@BlkWomensHealth is the only national organization solely focused on improving health outcomes for Black women, and I’m excited to be part of their 38th Anniversary Week Celebration! Tune in to an important discussion on Thursday at 3 pm,' she wrote.

She continued and said: 'Fibroids, a common and significant health problem, affects an estimated 26 million women between the ages of 15 and 50.'


You should check out the discussion tomorrow.

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