Cynthia Bailey Shares New Pics From Her Lake House - Check Out The Gorgeous Location

Cynthia Bailey Shares New Pics From Her Lake House - Check Out The Gorgeous Location
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Cynthia Bailey shared a bunch of new pics from her Bailey Lake house, and fans cannot have enough of this amazing location. They have always told her that this is a wonderful place and she should never sell it.

Check out the new pics below.

'added some cool new handy accessories to my @lovesac couch! when your workspace & relax space becomes one.#LoveSac,' Cynthia said.

A follower posted this message: 'Is this couch comfy? I always wanted to know someone who had one who I could ask the truth.'

Someone else said: 'I just noticed we have a love sac store here in Birmingham. You seem to be enjoying yours. Looks very comfortable.'

A commenter posted this: 'beautiful from head to toe. I congratulate you; you are an extraordinary woman Cynthia 😘'

One follower said: 'You so much of this unique face, love carry on. Mike, you found a winner, y’all do y’all thing, and y’all will do go with all you, Your, y’all, up and coming business.'

Someone else posted: 'Hello Sister Goddess! Love your Tania Marie Craftan! Beautiful coloured sofa!'

A commenter wrote: 'Love it. I have this in gray. Very comfy,' and another follower said this: 'That Couch looks so freaking comfortable. I love your whole Aura.'

Someone said: 'I love this colour scheme! So chic and modern,' and one other follower posted: 'Put a book or something under that Mac 💻 or it will overheat.'

In other recent news, Cynthia Bailey  shared some new pics featuring her hubby,  Mike Hill . Check out the photos that had fans talking about her huge wedding ring!

‘“be the good energy u want 2 attract!”@itsmikehill @cbvior #twinningandwinning #headoverhills,’ Cynthia captioned her post.


Cynthia is living her best life, and her fans and followers are happy to see this, and they praise the couple on social media.

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