Cynthia Bailey's Daughter, Noelle Robinson Tells Her Mom She's Proud Of Her And Makes Her Day

Cynthia Bailey's Daughter, Noelle Robinson Tells Her Mom She's Proud Of Her And Makes Her Day
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Cynthia Bailey 's gorgeous daughter, Noelle Robinson told her mom that she's proud of her and made Cynthia's day. She got really emotional and posted all this on her social media account.

'out of nowhere the other day for no specific reason, she told me she was so proud of me.
think i actually blushed.✨@noellerobinson,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone told her: 'That is everything. I thought this was you,' and another followewr said: 'Compliments from your offspring are the best.'

Another follower said: 'You [email protected] a gorgeous girl! Just like her mommy...' and one other commenter posted this: 'All that's great ...we as mom's should get PRAISES from our children some times don't u think 👍.'

A fan said: 'I first thought Noelle was you, Cynthia. Pretty Twinning!!' and someone else posted: 'She has grown into such a beautiful young lady.'

One commenter wrote: 'Isn't it a wonderful feeling when your kids acknowledge you that way!♥️' and another fan posted this: 'An AMAZING feeling when our children compliment us parents ❤'

Someone else said: 'That is always a nice feeling when your children say things Ike that. For me its .makes me know all my hard work is worth it.'

Another follower posted: 'That’s the best. All that matters! Be safe and well beautiful people.'

In other news, Cynthia Bailey  shared a couple of new pics on her social media account. She is sporting a really cool afro and fans are definitely here for this look.

Also, just the other day, Cynthia Bailey  shared a photo of herself on social media and fans cannot have enough of her.

More than that, her hubby to be made sure to publicly show her love  following haters’ comments about her weight.

Cynthia is living her best life these days together with her loved ones and fans are happy for her.


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