Cynthia Bailey Shares How She'd React If NeNe Leakes Exited RHOA After Making Peace

Cynthia Bailey Shares How She'd React If NeNe Leakes Exited RHOA After Making Peace
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How would Cynthia Bailey feel if her RHOA co-star NeNe Leakes left the show? While it’s clear that she would’ve been happy about it not too long ago, now that they have buried the hatchet, fans are not so sure what her reaction would be anymore.

The feud ended just amid speculations that NeNe is planning on exiting the show that made her famous following its eleventh season.

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Cynthia told the news outlet how she’d react if NeNe really did leave now that they are on good terms again.

‘You know what? I think everybody on RHOA makes the show, but I have always given NeNe props. When people think of our show, a lot of them think of her. I am never going to take that away from her. I want NeNe to do what is best for her, whatever is going to make her happy. If staying makes her happy, she should stay. If walking away makes her happy, then she should just walk away. NeNe was my first friend on the show,’ the reality TV star dished.

She went on to admit that during season 11, there are many ‘ups and downs. For the most part, this is a pretty fun season for me, which I left the reunion thinking it was going to be the worst season of my life.’

As fans remember, Cynthia and NeNe had a huge fallout during the season 10 reunion, all because of another one of NeNe’s enemies – Kenya Moore.

NeNe was furious that Cynthia invited the other woman to her party without letting her know she would be there beforehand.

The Housewife was convinced that Cynthia had done that on purpose just to start drama.

Now they have managed to make peace, however, and that is great to hear!


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