Ben Affleck Reveals That His Divorce With Jennifer Garner Is His Life's Biggest Regret

Ben Affleck Reveals That His Divorce With Jennifer Garner Is His Life's Biggest Regret
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In a new interview, Ben Affleck revealed that his divorce from Jennifer Garner was one of his life's biggest regrets. The 47-year-old actor, during a new interview with the New York Times, stated that his deteriorating marriage to Jennifer Garner sparked his relapse into alcohol abuse as well as his stint in rehab.

Speaking with the outlet, Affleck revealed that he had been drinking normally for a long time, however, once his separation with Jennifer began, he started drinking a little bit more every day, while his marriage concurrently fell apart.

The actor shared that this all occurred back in 2015 and 2016. His drinking only intensified the marital problems he and Jennifer were going through. As it was previously reported, Garner and Affleck finally got divorced two years ago in 2018 after 13 years together.

They have three kids, including their 7-year-old, Sam, their 11-year-old, Seraphina, as well as Violet, who's 14. The actor explained that his divorce with Jennifer is easily his "biggest regret" thus far. The shame was "really toxic," the Batman star remarked.

Even though it has since fallen apart and both parties have moved on, it's crucial for him not to dwell on it. The star explained that it was important not to obsess over the failures in his life, and instead, move on and take the next step.

Affleck explained that it was important for him to keep moving, despite past failures. According to Ben, people such as him have a compulsive type of behavioral pattern, where such a person is always trying to eat, have sex, or engage in other dopamine-increasing behaviors.

But what ends up happening is that relationships take a hit as a consequence of the behavior.

Fans of the actor know that when he and Jennifer Garner finally called off their marriage, it was one of the biggest media stories of the time. Garner has said in past interviews that there were journalists and paparazzi parked outside of their houses for months.

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