Counting On Star Jana Duggar Fires Back At Troll Who Slammed Her On Instagram

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Fires Back At Troll Who Slammed Her On Instagram
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Over the past decade, Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest daughter Jana Duggar has sat back and watched her siblings get married and start having children at an exponential rate, but the 29-year-old Counting On star is in no hurry to do the same. Recently, a fan called her out on Instagram over her life choices, and Jana fired right back, letting everyone know that she lives a full, happy life.

Jana finally joined Instagram earlier this year, and she often posts pictures of the garden and outdoor space she has created at her parents’ house. As fans know, Jana still lives with her parents because of the family’s traditional beliefs that women should live at home until they are married.

Fans are constantly wondering about Jana’s relationship status - she has been linked to everyone from Tim Tebow to her best friend, Laura DeMassie - and many can’t wait for her to find “the one” so she can leave Jim Bob and Michelle’s and start her own life. But, when a troll told her to move out and stop the gardening, Jana wasn’t having it.

“Jana, do more then [sic] be 30 years old living at home gardening lol what a life,” wrote the troll.

The reality star immediately fired back, writing “Oh, believe me, that’s not all I do. Gardening is just my little hobby on the side.”

Fans immediately defended Jana, with many praising her talents, and one writing “You do YOU. If you are happy doing whatever it is you love, then it doesn’t matter what others think.”

For a side hobby, Jana’s garden is quite impressive. Her sister, Jessa, has even called it a “work of art,” and revealed that Jana built a chicken coop and an outdoor entertaining space where they enjoy hanging out in the evenings.

However, some fans believe that Jana is living a lonely life because she is still single, and her parents’ are forcing her to raise her younger siblings because she is still at home.

They shouldn’t worry about Jana, though, because she is doing her own thing, and has even gone against family tradition and started her own business. In April, Jana filed the paperwork to form Arbor Acres Group, LLC. And, while it’s not clear what the business is, exactly, the name implies that Jana’s gardening skills just might be a big part of it.

Jana Duggar and her large family will return to TLC later this year in new episodes of Counting On.


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