Jana Duggar Says She's Worried Something Might Be ‘Majorly Wrong’ With Her For Not Being Married At 30!

Eight of her siblings, all younger than her, are already married and have kids […]

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 11:17 PM

Jana Duggar Jokes About Still Being Single And Childless At 30 - Check Out The Hilarious Post!

It’s no secret that the Duggars think marriage and starting a family is really […]

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Counting On - Jana Duggar Is 'Not That Worried' About Being 30 & Single, But Admits She Feels Pressure To Find A Husband

Counting On star Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle […]

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Counting On - Jana Duggar 'Has A Bunch Of Guys After Her'

While everyone in the Duggar family seems to be getting married and having babies, […]

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Jana Duggar Seemingly Photoshops Modest Skirts Onto Girls In Her Pic And People Are Outraged

After posting a few pictures documenting her night out at the Tontitown Grape Festival […]

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Counting On Fans Claim Jana Duggar Revealed She Is Courting Lawson Bates When She Said This

Counting On star Jana Duggar has sparked rumors once again that she is courting […]

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'Counting On' Fans Think That They Have Finally Figured Out The Reasons Jana Duggar Is Still Single

Counting On star Jana Duggar is 29 and single, and fans just can’t handle […]

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Is Counting On Star Jana Duggar Planning A Move To California Just Like Her Sister Jinger?

Earlier this summer, Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo moved from Laredo, […]

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Counting On Star Jana Duggar Reveals Exactly What She Is Looking For In A Man

Being single at the age of 29 is not a big deal for most […]

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Counting On Star Jana Duggar Fires Back At Troll Who Slammed Her On Instagram

Over the past decade, Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest daughter Jana Duggar has sat […]

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