Colton Underwood Reveals That He Questioned His Sexuality Due To Childhood Bullying

Colton Underwood Reveals That He Questioned His Sexuality Due To Childhood Bullying
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It's been a revealing week for Colton Underwood, The Bachelorette alum who recently came out to say that he had been diagnosed with the coronavirus and was finding it a challenge to deal with.

The reality star, while explaining he was doing well, stated that the most difficult part was breathing. Moving on from his fight with COVID-19, The Bachelorette alum shared his struggle with bullying.

Again, Colton took to his social media account this week to share his thoughts on some of his more personal moments in life, including his experience with childhood taunting.

Colton shared that for years, he actually questioned his sexuality because kids would always say he was gay, Just Jared has learned. The former NFL player has a new book, The First Time, which comes out later this week on the 31st of March.

People Magazine, who picked up on excerpts from the memoir, shared a passage in which Colton explained that he was bullied relentlessly as a child. Other children would call him "fatso," "four lips," and "four eyes." Underwood said he used to lick his lips constantly so he'd always have a red ring around them.

Colton shared that he was "a little heavy," and in conjunction with poor social skills, it was a tough time in his life. Underwood shared that he didn't believe in himself and was "super insecure." According to the reality star, because he heard it so often about himself, he started to wonder if it was true.

His position on the football team only made things worse for him, due to not meeting the stereotype.

Because he was the captain of the football team, it felt like he was supposed to be drinking and having sex, but he wasn't. The star added that he chose not to share his problems with anyone close to him, including his family.

According to Underwood, the rumors of his sexuality continued during the filming of The Bachelorette. Other cast members said behind his back all the time that he was secretly gay. Thankfully, he has been able to put it all behind him now. As fans of the show know, Colton is now dating Cassie Randolph. He was the winner of his season.

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