John Mayer Pokes Fun At Gal Gadot 'Imagine' Celebrity Mashup

John Mayer Pokes Fun At Gal Gadot 'Imagine' Celebrity Mashup
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Earlier this week, Gal Gadot and a slew of other celebrities took a lot of heat online when they sang a celebrity-packed version of John Legend's "Imagine," and posted it to Instagram. While it was probably in good faith, the reaction was quite negative.

Since then, there have been many parodies and influencers online who have addressed the video, including John Mayer, who poked fun at the video earlier today. People Magazine picked up on the post from the singer in which he mocked the celeb-mashup.

The 42-year-old "Gravity" singer shared an episode of his Current Mood series on Saturday, stating that Gal had asked him to be on the video-clip but he totally misunderstood what he was supposed to do. Mayer said in the clip that he thought they wanted him to sing Ariana Grande's "Imagine" instead.

John edited his clip into the celebrity mash-up in which he was singing along to Ariana's song. Obviously, the two songs are completely different both in theme and in mood.

As it was previously reported, Gal's "Imagine" video, featuring herself, Will Ferrell, James Marsden, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others, was widely criticized by the public and social media users.

Gal kicked off the video by saying that she was "feeling a bit philosophical" after seeing someone playing the trumpet, so it only seemed natural to sing "Imagine" from the legendary Beatles frontman. The reaction to it thus far has been almost entirely negative, with a few supporters who argue it was made with good intentions.

Earlier today, Joe Rogan - who hosts arguably the most popular podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience - spoke with his recurring guest Tom Segura about how tone-deaf and out of touch the video clip was.

It was reported earlier this week that Ryan Reynolds also poked fun at the video, although, it's unclear because the actor never mentioned it directly. Reynolds took to his social media to say he had an "important message" from an "important celebrity."

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