Cody Simpson Gushes Over Being 'In Love' With 'Best Friend' Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson Gushes Over Being 'In Love' With 'Best Friend' Miley Cyrus
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Another day, another opportunity for Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus to show off their love on social media! This time, it was the Australian singer’s turn to gush over his ‘best friend,’ making sure to tell the world that he’s in love with Miley!

The pair is nowhere near close to breaking up and in fact, they seem more and more in love as days go by!

Their latest couple post is a super cute selfie that Cody posted via his IG Stories.

The 23 year old felt the need to declare his love towards Miley alongside that snap, writing: ‘In love with my best friend.’

The photo featured the lovebirds posing in a car together, Miley being the one to capture the moment as one of her arms was extended while she was leaning into her beau.

Miley and Cody were seemingly out for a drive amid this quarantine and their fashion was as great as ever while still managing to be casual and comfortable.

That being said, Cyrus rocked a vintage logo Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirt as well as Gucci’s new “Off The Grid” fedora in the color orange!

Her hair gave rocker vibes since the star was still rocking the iconic blonde mullet under the hat.

Finally, her makeup was simple but classic, picking a flirty red lip to complete the look.

Meanwhile, Cody wore a black graphic t-shirt that let some of his great tattoos be seen.

He accessorized with a fashionable pair of sunglasses and his blonde hair was still at a short, buzz cut length after Miley herself cut it!

Cody looked quite a lot more muscular as well, which makes sense since he’s been taking advantage of the lockdown and spending a lot of time in the gym for the past few months.


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